Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Plant

Low cost and Eco-friendly decentralized modular units

Wastewater generation and treatment scenario in India

Urbanization has increased by 21 percent in the last decade

India symbolizes 16% of the world population and accounts for 2.5% of land area and 4% of water resources. With the increasing population in last few decades the domestic wastewater generation reaches to 72,368 MLD whereas 37% is being treated using STPs. The rest untreated discharges in lakes, rivers and other natural resources which is problematic.

Centralized Plant

Problem, with centralized water treatment plants, is that they are energy intensive.

Decentralized plant

Decentralized treatment plants have the potential to provide sustainable solution in terms of energy production.

Features of our Product

We provide decentralized wastewater treatment plant which is sustainable and affordable

i-STP technology

Efficient integrated bioprocessing technology for waste to value generation

In-situ treatment

No need to carry the wastewater to some other location.

No piping network

We treat the water at the location where the wastewater is generated.

Energy production

Energy is produced along with the wastewater treatment which makes it sustainable.


We made it affordable by reducing overall maintenance and operational costs.


Along with the production of reusable water, we also produce fertilizer.

Suitable for sparsely populated area

People living in remote areas can benefit from our plant.

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