About Us

IndiH2O bioengineering private ltd. company is incubated at IIT Mandi Catalyst. It is a registered startup company innovating in efficient and modular i-STP technology for the development of decentralized domestic wastewater treatment plant.

Our Journey

Our focus is on the deployment of i-STP technology based modular units of treatment plant. The idea of this technology was conceptualized and validated during 2017-21 as an IMPRINT project. We have patented our technology in 2020-21 and registered as a company i.e. IndiH2O bioengineering private ltd. company in 2021. We are being supported by the IIT Mandi Catalyst business incubator.

Our Vision

Come to the aid of developing sustainable cities and communities with clean water and affordable and clean energy.

Our Mission

To enable economic growth through industrial innovation and infrastructure development for the clean water and affordable energy.

Core Values

We believe in inclusive learning and teamwork to provide accountable solutions to our customers with honesty and integrity.

Meet the Team

Mr. Hemant Thakur
Dr. Atul Dhar
Ms. Jyotika Thakur
Dr. Shyam Kumar Masakapalli