We are using i-STP i.e. integrated bioengineering process and design technology for decentralized domestic wastewater treatment plant. Modular technology is best fit for rural establishment as well caters to the centralized treatment plants.

We help people in reducing their bills on water and LPG Cylinders

by our i-STP which turns the wastewater into the reusable water and produces gas for cooking

Suitable for sparsely populated area

People living in remote areas can benefit from our plant.

In-situ treatment

No need to carry the wastewater to some other location.

No piping network

We treat the water at the location where the wastewater is generated.

Energy production

Energy is produced along with the wastewater treatment which makes it sustainable.


Along with the production of reusable water, we also produce fertilizer.


We made it affordable by reducing overall maintenance and operational costs.